SME GROUP, founded in 1974, is an High Technology company manufacturer of electronic controllers and related products for application in battery powered vehicles.


SME GROUP has vast experience in electromagnetic, mechanical and control technologies and it is a Pioneer in motor control thanks to a 20 year experience in AC field oriented control technology.


SME GROUP provides intelligent and innovative solutions to satisfy market requirements, achieving worldwide customer satisfaction.


Our company has always focused on high quality systems, supported by the latest innovations to help our customers build better machines, high precision, efficient, safer..easy to drive!!


SME controllers provide advanced control of AC induction motors for traction or pump functions of any electrical vehicle working with speed or torque control algorithms.


SmartMotion is an integrated controller which can manage multi-function and fully configurable I/O pins for any I/O functions like digital and analogue inputs and digital and analogue outputs, capable of driving fans, relays’ and hydraulic valves’ coils, contactors, negative brakes and many others inductive/resistive loads.


It is fully suitable for counterbalanced and warehouse trucks, all heavy-duty applications as tow tractors, cleaning machines or air platform, any kind of passengers vehicles or utility vehicles as electric scooter or golf or city cars. With controller ratings from 24V to 120V and from 75A to 750A we cover just about any application demand.


AC motors are widely considered the best motors for electric vehicles: they are used for traction, steering and hydraulic pumps and offer great low-end torque and top-end speed.


Our motors are designed specifically for your applications. With over 100 models of motors with power ranges from 1kW to 40kW and voltage from 24V to 120V, we have in our portfolio the motor you need.


SME is proud to announce its global partnership with TVH, a worldwide leader in replacement parts.


SME’s accessories include two different types of displays depending on your needs and a unique speed sensor that makes the AC motors more reliable. We also offer a EVC (Electro-actuated Valves Controller) fully managed in TAU system. Customers can also tune SME inverters with our GUI (PC or tablet application): this gives you all the control you need when designing a new vehicle.



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